Thursday, April 17, 2014

We are pregnant!

I suck at keeping up on blogs, oh well that's my life. \

January 3rd of this year we found out we were bringing life into this world! We were so excited! Timing was right and it just felt good. I felt so good until my week 6 hit and then I was miserable for 9 weeks after that. People say you usually take after your mothers pregnancies and so far mine has been NOTHING like my mothers so those people are LIARS! I feel great now at week 19 and we found out we are having a baby BOY! I cannot express the joy I feel having a little Jared running around. I told Jared before we found out what we were having  "if we have a boy and he looks like you he is going to hate me cause I am gonna kiss him all day long!"  This will be the first grandson on my family's side and another boy to carry on the Roberts name after a 12 year break of no Roberts boys.
          Here I am at 18 weeks pregnant. I have a felling i am gonna be big when i am done.
These bellies that they put in the dressing rooms at maternity stores are so funny

Jared is doing his last week of his first year of Dental school. I CANNOT believe how fast this has gone. Holy Moly! I am so proud of him he has worked so hard this year. He is excited to have his first patients to do cleanings on starting in 3 weeks!
Here are a few things we have been up to this past few months.

Jared had a birthday, we had some yummy candies dropped off at our door by a sweet 3 year old boy who loves jared.

We saw the lego movie when my momma came to visit in March. It was so cute!
  This car loves Jared, whenever Jared comes home from school he follows him everywhere.
 We had to make a visit to the hospital after I got a stomach virus and couldn't keep anything down for a few days. I hate I.V.'s with a passion! Shots no problem but keeping a cord attached to me that is open to the outside is not very fun for me.
 This is what our cat does when he wants attention. HAHA he is such a dog. once you look at him he meows at you.
 Here is Jared helping me feed a little girl i babysit, she was so intrigued that Jared was feeding her instead of me she just wanted to play instead of eat. It was pretty cute.

We got to attend a Scrimmage Game at University of Michigan Stadium. It was a blast and the best part it was free admission. This stadium is the 3rd largest in the world. I expected it to be a little bigger. Weird.

I am excited to have a week and a half off with Jared to have fun and hang out before his 2nd year starts and everything gets crazy again.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

We are alive I promise!

We are still here. Its been a busy semester adjusting to dental school. And boy what an adjustment it has been. I am still at home putting the house together and doing homemaker things. I really love it. Starting next week I will be watching a baby for 2 days a week for a little extra cash so I am kind of excited about that. Jared did well in his classes and really enjoys school. I am learning that even though you pay a lot of money to come have teachers teach you they could still care less and would rather be doing their research so this semester was frustrating because teachers wouldn't teach and the students were expected to know the material. Good thing Jared is smart and can figure things out.
 Jared is getting braces next month at the student clinic. A friend in our ward who is in his 3rd year of dental will be putting them on. Should be fun!
There is a good support system out here for the wives and we are always hanging out.
Here are some pictures because I like more pictures then words on my blog.
 got this monopoly game for Christmas- Jared smoked me at it. I think the game was a total of 20 minutes!
 I seriously love this fat cat. he is a dog in a cats body, he fetches, comes when you call, goes to the door to check to see who is there, cuddles and plays. just love him. who would of thought i would have a cat, its nice to have someone at home with me on the long days jared is at school.
 i scored this desk at a thrift store for $25! it will be my craft table! there are some awesome thrift stores around here, one that i frequent quite often and will have to go back soon.
 This is Abbi and we have watched here a few times and she always ends up snuggling with jared.
and always
  game night at the church we accidentally dressed like a stop light.
  we visited my very good friend Meggie and her family in Ohio for a weekend of camping and block parties. It was a blast!
 Nerds for Halloween!
We celebrated our 5th year of marriage together! Jared had been sick with some virus for the 3 days in a row and finally felt good enough to go out on our anniversary. we went out to the Cheesecake Factory, and ice cream and just relaxed and chilled. It was great!
  We love Michigan and Ann Arbor. So much to do here and its a beautiful place! we feel very blessed to be where we are now. Jared started his second semester and it is already a very busier semester. I am feeling withdrawals from having 3 solid weeks with him over Christmas. I need to find a new hobby.
Hope the new year is treating everyone great!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Well, July flew by in a blink of an eye for us. i can't even remember what happened last month! just kidding but seriously it went fast. Jared has been in school and i have been getting our home put together. We also adopted a cat to keep me company. We went to PetSmart to get me a Beta fish because i got a free fishbowl and one of the workers there would not let us leave with a fish because we didn't have a tank with a heater, filter, or vacuum to clean the rocks and blah blah blah.( she would probably let us leave but i felt awkward because she was so adamant about the bowl) so we scratched the fish idea and decided to just look around and unfortunately they had a display of about 6 cats from the Shelter in the PetSmart. I HATE these displays because I always cry because they look so sad in the tiny boxes and I want to take them all home! Anyways these cute cat seemed pretty friendly and we went in and played with him and he was SUPER Lovey and Cuddly. Jared hates cats because they shed and scratch things and don't play fetch. But after we played with this cat he asked if I wanted it. so I took advantage of the situation and was like YES!!! So here is Benny. (I find it funny that we went for a Fish and left with a Cat)

 He was pretty upset about the car ride home and camped out under the bed for a couple of days, it would take us sitting int he room for twenty minutes before he would crawl out and say hi.

He is a super cool cat, hasn't scratched anything wants to be petted and be around us and talks to us. He is awesome company for me at home. Jared was so sweet in letting me get him, he knew I was having a hard time adjusting to him being gone a lot and knew I needed something to take care of at home. He loves me! We wanted to get a dog but they are a lot of work, its just easier when they pet is already potty trained and cleans themselves. haha
We got pulled over the first week here! Crazy this state has got the weirdest traffic laws, i feel like every intersection is different with how to cross and turn and signal ugh! Thankfully the officer was nice and just told us to pay attention! THANK YOU OFFICER FOR BEING KIND TO THE SUPER POOR DENTAL STUDENT!

I guess there is a lot of things to do here but frankly when we have a day off or a night off we just want to stay in. we can explore later we will be here for awhile.

So i finished painting the living room and kitchen area thanks to the help of my parents who came for a week and worked their butts off to help me put the house in order. They are SO AWESOME!!!!!! We got the garage cleaned and shelves moved and nailed to the wall in the garage and downstairs, they painted, changed faucets, outlets and switches, fixed doors and replaced handles, cleaned carpet and painted baseboards.  I will need to invite them back when i want to paint the rooms upstairs ;) they were so great and saved me weeks of work! I will have to take some cool pictures and post them later.
Humidity is killing us here, thankfully there has only been maybe 9 days of bad humidity that we have experienced and those days are pointless to do your hair or makeup and you end up changing several times throughout the day. It is a weird thing that humidity.
Jared is loving school and has his summer finals here the next few weeks so i will be chilling and partying it up with girlfriends here and going out of town for a friends wedding to give him the study time he needs. Kind of sad because this summer is the easy ease-you-into-dental-school term and next semester is going to be super hard and busy so I definitely need to find something to do! maybe a job! haha... maybe

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Well we finally moved to Michigan, the day slowly came and once it did it flew by! I had all our boxes packed and ready for loading. I had a very hard time saying goodbye to people at work. I cried when we left and sobbed in the car on the way home. I loved working there and loved the people I worked with.
One of our co-workers made this sign and as we left played " Its the Final Countdown" we had to run through it and break it before leaving. haha
 Our first pit stop was Disneyland/California Adventure for 3 days with my sister and brother in law. It was so much fun. I cried when we watched the parade because it was so exciting! And I just couldn't help it.
 Radiator Springs- it is so beautiful at night!
 We then made our way up to Washington to pack all our belongings. I had a really hard time saying goodbye to my family, especially my brother who will be leaving on a mission here in a few weeks and that was the last time i would see him for awhile. We rented a POD and got the biggest one and filled it almost full i could NOT believe how much stuff we had. yikes! we don't even have any children yet. we are in trouble. We then took a stop in Spokane to visit family then Rexburg to visit friends then took a week in Utah ( 4 days) to do a cabin trip with my besties from college.

 This lake smelt like vomit and poop, it was gross i didn't dare touch the water. but Jared like it.

 After utah we drove to COlorado Springs and vistied family there, the next day we drove to Iowa and stayed the night there and then made the final stretch to Ann Arbor Michigan. Total hours in Driving you ask why yes let me tell you = 71 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yikes we are done with roadtrips for awhile. We listened to Percy Jackson the whole way!
 Here we are moving in and unpacking boxes. There is lots of work that needs to be done.
 First day of Dental school. He looks so handsome and awesome! i just love this man!
We met quite a few LDS Couples who are attending the dental school here. I have got dental wives friends now! yeah! the first day Jared left i looked around and was like ' alright what now?' good thing i have the house to keep me busy unpacking and then my parents and then i will be getting a job to pass the time!.

Good news!!! I was on Craigslist late last night and someone was giving there nice looking piano away. i quickly contacted them and i am picking up my very first piano this evening! for FREE!!!!! YEAH!!! How did i get so lucky i have no idea, Heavenly Father must have known i really wanted a piano!

I will post pictures of our place in a few weeks once things are settled. I have a laundry pile coming out my ears, all our blankets needed washing and i didn't realize just how many blankets we had! SO off i go to wash wash wash!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Its been a crazy few months here with the Roberts Clan ( all 2 of us.. ;) ). We got back from Hawaii and then got busy. Jared and I were called to be Dance Festival Coordinators for a few wards and that was so fun working with the youth teaching them dances and all.  Jared got to participate in a Hauka Tongan Chant- see below he was so cute!

Work has picked up and we are now full swing into our busy season, thankfully this makes the time go by fast. Hopefully we will be hiring someone to replace me soon so i do not have to come back after we move to help out. I REALLY don't want to do that. I look forward to the day we i do not have to work, i just don't like  the whole working everyday thing.

 We have been slowly preparing for our big move across country. If I think too much about it or start packing then i get too excited so I have said that May 1 is when i can start packing and getting excited, until then nothing cause then the weeks will just drag on and on like i feel they have been doing already. We waited so patiently and diligently for 3 years to get into dental school and I feel that since we were accepted in December these last 5 months has been the hardest waiting period because we have a place to go a life to start so why can't we just start it already? We do feel extremely blessed and are extremely grateful to our Heavenly Father. Until May 1 when i have allowed myself to start packing  in the meantime  i have been collecting boxes and items that will help us move and have them stored in our second bedroom here at my parents. see photo below
Its getting crowded
I am really excited about that roof cage for our car! I have always wanted once and this move was the perfect excuse to get one! YAY!

So in February we made a trip out to Michigan to find a place to live, luckily we found one in the one weekend we were there and i am really excited about it.  We got to tour the dental school, buy our sweatshirts that we wanted and just see the town.

This past weekend we flew up to Washington to SURPRISE Jared's dad for his surprise retirement party! Boy was it a surprise and it was so fun.  The only bummer about going up there was  that this is the place were all of our stuff is stored and once i looked at our stuff i got EXTREMELY anxious to move and have had to try really hard to push that out of my mind. But it was so fun to see family
I love Jared in an apron he is so darn cute

On another happy note Red Robin is our absolute favorite restaurant and while reviewing the menu one day i found out that they serve GLUTEN FREE BUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Music to my ears, I was a little weary cause anything gluten free can be disgusting or good no in-betweens really for me. Thankfully these were GREAT!!! Here is my super excited face after the first few bites...
haha i'm a creeper

Other than that we are same ol same ol, Jared finished up with his online sociology class (talk about depressing) that he had to take to be admitted into Michigan Dental School. I am still serving in the Primary Presidency and Jared in the Young Mens Presidency we love those callings. We did have a really bad day a few weeks ago, morning started when the new girl that i have been training at work for the past month decided to quit unexpectedly so i had to pick up her job and do mine at the same time, then we got a call that someone got our credit card and was using it to make purchases so we had to get a new card and then we find out that Jared had Scabies (type of mite that likes to eat your flesh and burrow into your skin) which was absolutely NO NO NO NO NO fun at all. You have to wash everything and so we did and then forgot to wash 1 pair of jeans and he got more bites and then we had to Wash and Sterilize everything AGAIN!!! oh my gosh I wanted to cry, poor Jared he is a bug magnet they just love him. 

Anyways we are good just waiting to move, feels like its taking forever. Till next time...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello and Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday season! We know we sure did!
So I made myself a goal in August that I was going to be under 140 Pounds by December 15th when my family went to Hawaii, and guess what?
I was 141 pounds the morning of our departure
1 FREAKING pound away! SO Mad!
But i was still happy that i was that close and made it that far.
Here are some good before pictures
 those thunder thighs are so embarrassing- i seriously look huge in these pictures.
 and Here are some after pictures along with a bunch of pictures from Hawaii

 Super windy
 The cutest baby ALIVE- my niece Kryie I just love her she is so stinky cute! I taught her how to roll her tongue ;)
 Here is the Bunker where some episodes of LOST were filmed! This was my favorite of the trip
 and the island area where LOST was filmed
 Hawaii Temple
 View from out Hotel Room

 6 hour delay at the airport on our way there- Boo :'(
 Jared has taken up an interest in reading and is currently into the series  Percy Jackson
 Church building in Hawaii
 Jared out there somewhere snorkeling 

 I really think this picture is funny with my niece Kyrie! haha
 Celebrating our 4th anniversary in style at Roys Restaurant in Oahu
 Went to a water park which was a blast!
 I don't know how to turn this- it saved right side up on my camera- but its cute Jared with Cute smily Kyrie
 Jared Decorated my office for my birthday- random pic before we left for Hawaii
Jared snorkeling on the beach- can you believe that i made Jared go tan for 2 months before we went to Hawaii to make sure he didn't FRY when we got there- he is so white haha but i love it and mission accomplished no FRYING!
I almost cried when we left, i hope we can go back soon before we turn 70 years old. haha